Hate being 9-5er

I have been thinking a lot lately on by self – I am 29 years old now, and I am working 9-5 job in the IT industry from last 6 years or so, and I hate it. Do I really want to continue doing this for rest of my life, I guess not, I don’t really like to continue doing what I have been doing? I think I want to create something by myself and work for myself. But I don’t know what is that is a big question mark.

Once Steve jobs said – “We will be spending most of our time of life in doing the work, we should do what we love to do, not that what we hate to do. So we need to find a passion, if there is no passion in doing something how can we love what we are doing, and how can we be good at what we are doing. If you haven’t found a passion yet, keep looking for it, you will know when you find it.


I wonder is it really that most of us do the work they are passionate about and love it. The more I think and see around, the less it seems to be true. I think the answer is No, most of us don’t do what they would want to do, and there are various reasons for why it is the way it is. Let’s not get into details as we know most of reasons. But, I think the main reason being the making an EXCUSE to ourselves and avoid doing or at least making an attempt in doing what we would want to do.

So friends we should stop giving excuses for ourselves and having reasons for not even attempting them in the first place.

I am trying to recall this quote on “attempt”, but I vaguely remember it. I would write it down anyways and would update the right one later.

“You can catch a running tiger if you attempt to catch, but if you don’t attempt then you are sure that you can’t”. So the answer is in the attempt, not in the outcome.


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