Change required, need of an urgency

I want to change myself, I need to focus on what I want to do rather than what I don’t want to. I am really tired of living the way I am living, in short I am not happy person, i don’t know the reason. Why happiness is short lived, if it’s a happiness? What makes me happy ? Is happiness just a illusion? Achieving goals make me happy? Can happiness be synthesized? Happiness is a natural thing ? I don’t know what do I want from life, hope I will figure out one day before my death. This our mind is so simple or complex, it makes good or evil, just the same source.

I will come back to the above topic later, but I want try to change my life doing things  in baby steps rather than taking big leaps. Okay let me experiment the life just for a week starting today, and will write down the process and outcome of it in the next post.

I will make list of things to be complete this week to myself and see how productive will I be in achieving them.


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