Just Do It !

There is this technique to make easy “a step to start”a doing new things in life. I think everyone has to learn, it’s kind of convincing ourselves to start doing things which we want to do but always stumble upon starting off.  Why do we fail to even start doing? Why it has to be so hard on this earth? I think the answer is simple – we humans are slow at adopting new things into life. Be it starting a gym, start reading a book, getting socialize, or bringing anything new things in life for that matter. We keep thinking that we should start doing it, but that starting point itself seems like a mountain to all of us.

The best way to deal with it is to start with small and very small, and then gradually tries to make a progress towards big.

Additionally there is another complemented technique, and in my view its better than the previous one. All we have to do is imagine the fear of not starting rather than starting it. When we would imagine the fear of not starting we would end up seeing ourselves into very horrible situation and this fear is far greater than the fear of failing. But there is trick to this technique; we need to be constantly thinking of these scenarios of imaginations to build more fear which would lead us to DO IT motivation.

To be continued…


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