Coming back after 8 months !

I am writing this post after almost 8 months of time since I have written the last post. I am feeling angry, guilty and ashamed on myself as I was committed to myself to write at least two posts a week. But I couldn’t keep my commitment.

Sometimes, I wonder on our own behavior, we humans tend to expect a lot from others to act the way we want or in favor of us. If they don’t, we would be extremely sad on them and keep nagging about the thought “why didn’t they”. Well,  we just expect from them even without giving a second thought about the situation the other person might be in, because we never know what other person has been going through.

In Contrast, if you think little deep on this, we also expect many things from ourselves, but when we are unable to turn those expectation into reality, we wouldn’t be angry on ourselves or wouldn’t feel bad about whole story. Just forget yourself for a while and try to think on this. This is truly insane of human behavior. It really doesn’t make sense at all.

 I think I should start writing more topics on human behavioral science. 


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