What is Spirituality ?

I am definitely not a qualified person to talk about spirituality. But, I think I am beginning to understand this topic and definitely would like to explore this topic in coming days.

I just want to clear the air as there is a lot of confusion and misinterpretation on this topic. First thing first – If you want to really understand any new topic, you got to keep little bit of an open mind and give some time to yourself. The same rule applies here as well, or may be more of that openness is required in this topic since few things are beyond rationale or logical per se.

To make you understand in simple words – Spiritual means going beyond physicality, and understanding life to its full potential. Let me explain what these words exactly mean.

What we think we know about the world isn’t everything to it. If you think you know it all then its definitely a crown of ignorance. No matter how much you know it is still beyond ones reach. The innate quality of human life is a state where he is always longing to ‘ve more than what he already has, its sort of continuous quest. Lets say you have lots of money, but you still want accumulate endlessly, this explains why rich people are more greedier than not so rich people. Similarly the knowledge, love etc.

Well, let’s end this topic for now.


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