Puzzle #2

There is this person new to the town looking for an address. He has two directions, and only one of them would the right one. He happens to cross by two individuals, and the strange thing about them is one person lies and other person says the truth, such as their nature.

Let’s say that the new guy does have only one chance to ask a question before he finds out the right direction, and let’s also assume that those two strange gentlemen know the correct direction to the address.

The question of the moment is what do you think what is this one question he suppose to be asking.


Any idea yet ?

Nah ??

Alright here you …

The question he should be asking is – what is your mate would be saying the right direction be.

Let’s break it down ? Let’s say he happens to ask the liar, of course he is going to give the wrong direction. In other case, if he happens to ask the person who say truth, in this case, he has to tell what the liar’s answer is suppose to be, thereby it would be a wrong direction.

So in either case the new guy has to conclude the other direction to be the right direction.

Hope it was a fun puzzle, so until next time stay tuned.


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