Glimpse – An Awesome tool to get a quick performance glimpse of your application


It is very easy to setup, there are different NuGet Packages of Glimpse. Depends on what your application is you can download MVC, Web Forms etc pacakges.

In Nutshell, just follow the below steps to get an glimpse for WebForms

1. Search for a NuGet Pkg – “Glimpse ASP .Net”

2. Select you web sites to get Glimpse downloaded. This is place your web.config would reside in and that’ s all Glimpse cares about.

3. Once you hit okay and download completes, you would notice that Glimpse would have modified your WebConfig to have its HTTP Handlers.

4. Go to your WebSite/Glimpse.axd (ex: http://Localhost/Glimpse.axd) to turn on the Glimpse profiling, and to turn off if it was turned on. This is it, by now your Glimpse would have setup to run.

5. Go to your web page, now you see a little grey icon with Glimpse symbol, just click on it so that it launches Browser tool bar like window with detailed information.

The cool thing about this tool is that it is available at your disposal right during the development of a particular page without making any context switch. How awesome is that 🙂


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