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Glimpse ‚Äď An Awesome tool to get a quick performance glimpse of your application


It is very easy to setup, there are different NuGet Packages of Glimpse. Depends on what your application is you can download MVC, Web Forms etc pacakges.

In Nutshell, just follow the below steps to get an glimpse for WebForms

1. Search for a NuGet Pkg – “Glimpse ASP .Net”

2. Select you web sites to get Glimpse downloaded. This is place your web.config would reside in and that’ s all Glimpse cares about.

3. Once you hit okay and download completes, you would notice that Glimpse would have modified your WebConfig to have its HTTP Handlers.

4. Go to your WebSite/Glimpse.axd (ex: http://Localhost/Glimpse.axd) to turn on the Glimpse profiling, and to turn off if it was turned on. This is it, by now your Glimpse would have setup to run.

5. Go to your web page, now you see a little grey icon with Glimpse symbol, just click on it so that it launches Browser tool bar like window with detailed information.

The cool thing about this tool is that it is available at your disposal right during the development of a particular page without making any context switch. How awesome is that ūüôā

Visual Studio Tip : Track Active Item in Solution Explorer

As we all know there have¬†been always few hidden gems in every language/Tool. I recently searching on how to navigate to solution explorer¬†for the current active file. The same feature I was using in ReSharper (using Alt+Shift+L, if i remember rightly), but then I had to stop using Resharper due to some reasons (a topic for another day). So I was kind of missing that feature, but then I came across the same¬†in VS which is built right within, it is “Track Active Item in Solution Explorer” under Tools -> Option. Also shown in the below screen capture.


Puzzle #2

There is this person new to the town looking for an address. He has two directions, and only one of them would the right one. He happens to cross by two individuals, and the strange thing about them is one person lies and other person says the truth, such as their nature.

Let’s say that the new guy does have only one chance to ask a question before he finds out the right direction, and let’s also assume that those two strange gentlemen know the correct direction to the address.

The question of the moment is what do you think what is this one question he suppose to be asking.


Any idea yet ?

Nah ??

Alright here you …

The question he should be asking is – what is your mate would be saying the right direction be.

Let’s break it down ? Let’s say he happens to ask the liar, of course he is going to give the wrong direction. In other case, if he happens to ask the person who say truth, in this case, he has to tell what the liar’s answer is suppose to be, thereby it would be a wrong direction.

So in either case the new guy has to conclude the other direction to be the right direction.

Hope it was a fun puzzle, so until next time stay tuned.

What is Spirituality ?

I am definitely not a qualified person to talk about spirituality. But, I think I am beginning to understand this topic and definitely would like to explore this topic in coming days.

I just want to clear the air as there is a lot of confusion and misinterpretation on this topic. First thing first РIf you want to really understand any new topic, you got to keep little bit of an open mind and give some time to yourself. The same rule applies here as well, or may be more of that openness is required in this topic since few things are beyond rationale or logical per se.

To make you understand in simple words – Spiritual means going beyond physicality, and understanding life to its full potential. Let me explain what these words exactly mean.

What we think we know about the world isn’t everything to it. If you think you know it all then its definitely a crown of ignorance. No matter how much you know it is still beyond ones reach. The innate quality of human life is a state where he is always longing to ‘ve more than what he already has, its sort of continuous quest. Lets say you have lots of money, but you still want accumulate endlessly, this explains why rich people are more greedier than not so rich people. Similarly the knowledge, love etc.

Well, let’s end this topic for now.

Puzzle #1

Puzzle: There are three boxes, first box contains Apples,  second box contains Oranges and the third box contains mix of both Apples and Oranges. Each box is wrongly labeled. You have got only once chance to open any box and pick up only one fruit without looking inside the box. The question is that which box would you choose to open and pick a single fruit so that you can tell what each box contains.

Answer: It is the boxed labeled with “Mixed Fruits”. The simple reason for this is when you pick up the box labeled with “Mixed Fruit”, either you could pick up Orange or Apple, and for sure this box would not have mixed fruits since the label must be wrong. So using these two facts we can conclude content of all the three boxes. If you happen to pick Apple, all the fruits must be apple in that box, and same thing for Orange, and the remaining two boxes must not contain what it is labeled, so the second box contains fruits labeled on third box and vice-versa.

I hope you liked the puzzle and the above answer is clear enough for you to understand.